Little eggs for little people!

Pullet eggs are the little golden nuggets of the egg industry. As a young hen starts to lay, eggs are small (around 40-58g each or 500g dozen size). After a few weeks they soon become a little larger (600g dozens), and perhaps a month after that they reach the most common 700g to 800g average dozens. So pullet eggs aren’t around for very long.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that “bigger is better”, but that’s entirely subjective. When a young hen begins to lay, the ratio of yolk to white is greater, the eggs are super creamy, hold together well and are packed with flavour. Plus, like all things tiny, they’re super cute to boot 😉

Unfortunately, due to the perceived lack of value from pullet eggs, most pullet eggs are discarded or turned into pulp. You’d never know where it ends up, and it’s a food waste tragedy. But a fresh pullet egg from a pastured free range chook is a delight to eat! We’ve compiled a few ideas and recipe links for you to put these little chicken pocket rockets to good use:

  • Scotch Eggs! Get your Jamie Oliver on by having a crack at this recipe for Proper Scotch Eggs using proper pastured free range eggs, or perhaps Jamie’s very simple Scotch Quail Egg recipe or this recipe for Wee Scotch Eggs – “These mini Scotch eggs are little mouthfuls of meaty, crispy heaven – a well-worth-it labour of love ”.
  • The perfect burger sized egg – fried in butter or oil, sandwiched between crispy bacon, and if you’re a millenial, a smearing of smashed avocado on a fresh milk bun. I can’t tell you how many times burger/takeaway joints, delicatessens and cafes have told me how wonderful pullet and 600g eggs are for fitting neatly in their bacon and egg rolls and the like.
  • Perfectly Poached – pullet eggs hold together well and, with a splash of vinegar, you can’t screw it up!
  • Salad – hard boiled bite sized golden nuggets for a protein fix in your salad that is not overpowered. Three to four minutes from a rolling boil is perfect for a soft boiled egg.
  • Baking – the rule of thumb is to add an extra egg for up to 4 eggs in your recipe. So if you’re recipe calls for 2 eggs, use 3 pullets. For 5 eggs, use 7 pullets.
  • Yolk-based recipes such as mayonnaise or custard. Rich, creamy custard the kids are going to love! I’ve been working on perfecting my custard recently using Tilba milk and experimenting with coconut milk as well.

You may also have greater chances of finding double yolkers in these eggs, winning!

If you’re serious about fighting food waste, and if you’re a seeker of flavour, as your local farmer, cafe or retailer about pullet eggs and be at the top of the list for this short-lived opportunity..

And it just so happens that NOW is the time! Bulk trays and 600g eggs from our youngest flock are available for your tasting pleasure at the farm or through your local supplier in bulk. #lovefoodhatewaste