I have never driven a tractor before, so you could imagine my reaction when the “boss man” walked into the egg room and asked if I would like to help out with a move. My reply, of course, filled with excitement.

Initially I assumed that he was joking as I operate the egg production room and not outside duties.

After finishing the days work, I headed over to the guys expecting to help with moving the chickens out of the way and just other simple jobs to help them out, but then Dan said “Okay, you’re up now!” I was super eager to try this, but extremely nervous as I had to tow this huge A-frame with over 2000 chickens running free around me. So you could say the pressure was definitely on! 🙂

However, with careful guidance, and clear instructions I was off. I was really impressed with how the chickens knew exactly when to get out of the way and how well they adapted with their home being moved.

After a little while the move was complete. It took a bit longer than usual, I guess that’s what happens when you stay in first gear the whole time 🙂

This would have had to be one of the most exciting and educational learning experiences I have had!

If it wasn’t for bosses like Dan and Lyndal who are all for teaching and learning, I don’t think that I would have been rewarded this opportunity.

Now just a couple of months later I am moving pallets and feed bags with the forklift!

So it just goes to show that there are endless opportunities and you learn something new everyday at Barrabarroo Farm!