A few years ago, I went to a 30th birthday party and brought along some of our free range eggs from our farm in Nethercote at the time, for a hangover-curing breakfast the following day.

Every single one of the guests the next morning said to me, “Wow! What do you put in your scrambled eggs?”

That same year, my younger brother called me because he really felt like eating scrambled eggs and wasn’t sure how to cook them. (Sidebar, he was 27 years old at the time, so someone has clearly been spoilt his whole life!)

He didn’t know if he had to add milk (definitely not, that’s what some people do to stretch their scrambled eggs further). He didn’t know how to even make them ‘scramble’. Turns out, he didn’t even know how fast they cook. It went something along the lines of

“Aargh they’re cooking too quickly. I wanted to make toast!”
“Well take the pan off the hotplate and pop your bread in the toaster!”

Crisis averted.

Anyway, I digress. Can you guess the secret ingredient I shared with my hungover friends when they pleaded to know what magic I possess to make such tasty scrambled eggs?

Just eggs.

I had to go for round two live demonstration just to prove it to them.

Our pastured, rotationally grazed free range eggs are so rich and creamy that a quality egg is all you need to make the tastiest, most memorable scrambled eggs.

  1. Take as many pastured eggs as you require, generally 2 to 3 eggs per person.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk your eggs with a whisk or a fork until yolks and whites are combined. Season with salt and pepper if you wish, or just leave it on the table for each hungry soul to season to their taste.
  3. Turn the stove on to medium heat and melt a knob of butter to grease the pan (the real stuff, not that margarine nonsense).
  4. Pour your eggs into the pan, turn the heat down a little lower. Low and slow is how I create the silkiest, creamiest eggs.
  5. With your spatula or wooden spoon, gently break up the curds as they form. Take off the heat once your entire pan of eggs has formed soft curds. Serve immediately. Be prepared to make seconds!


These eggs have been known to ruin other eggs for people. Our truck driver picks up pallets of eggs and travels up to Sydney and down to Melbourne. His continental hotel breakfasts are frequently left with eggs on the plate because he just can’t bring himself to finish them after having sampled our genuine pastured eggs, they simply do not compare. Ruined for life. #sorrynotsorry #hookedoneggs